Everything you need to sell more of your awesome work without feeling gross about it, in less than 20 minutes!

What do we cover in this course?

Week #1: The Correct Mindset

  • The questions you must ask yourself to be successful
  • How to get over rejection and criticism
  • How to find your unfair advantage
  • How to take risks even if you are risk averse

And much more!

Week #2: Build your Sales Funnel

  • Building out your Sales Funnel
  • Modeling success
  • Handling Objections
  • The three ways to make money
  • How to make customer WANT to give you money

And so much more!

Week #3: Getting Clients

  • Developing your ideal client avatar
  • Reaching out to clients
  • Finding new clients online and in person
  • Creating your brand identity
  • Asking clients what THEY want, then giving it to them

And so much more!

Week #4: Developing Products

  • Creating the perfect product for your client
  • The value ladder (the four types of offers)
  • Budgeting
  • Figuring out your unique selling point and value proposition

And much more!

Week #5: Scaling your Business

  • How to steal your perfect audience
  • Building your website
  • Running ads
  • Making press contacts
  • Finding affiliates

And much more!

Week 6: Wrapping it all up

  • One Last Massive Live Q and A
  • Breaking it all down into an easy to follow guide

And so much more!

Tara Massan Tara Massan, Forever Be Moved

I connected with Russell through Twitter while searching for no non-sense authors with a unique following. Russell was kind enough to host a video conference to share his knowledge and industry experience in marketing and targeting niche audiences.  He provided an up to date perspectives and enlightening actionable steps so that I may immediately begin discovering and targeting my future clients.  After just one session with Russell and the additional information provided on his website, I am confident I will be able to specifically target the appropriate audience for my business.  Thank you, Russell!

Paul Jenkins Paul Jenkins, META Studios

I was struggling to figure out a social strategy to grow our audience for my latest book launch. After talking to Russell for just half an hour I was able to develop a plan and get clarity for us to have a monster debut! Thanks Russell!

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